• Rosen "Blurred" on main billboard of I70signshow

    Kay Rosen, "BLURRED," 2004/2014
    On main billboard, in Hatton, Missouri, April–May 2015
  • Rosen Satellite 2

    "BLURRED" being installed on satellite billboard in Warrenton, MO, June–July 2015 (click for more images)
  • Rosen Road

    View of "BLURRED" from the interstate, with Monsanto ad in the background (click for more images)

The Sign Show opened with Rosen's "BLURRED" to declare the project's overall engagement with how Missouri billboard messages reflect "red" versus "blue" issue conflicts. The artwork's political content was more general in its initial location on the project's main board. 
In its second “satellite” location, in Warrenton, a more pointed critique emerged with its position in front of a patriotic-themed advertisement for Monsanto featuring the stripes of the American flag transforming into field furrows. Connecting this new site with its initial location at the edge of a family farm in Hatton, "BLURRED" evoked a subtle commentary on small-scale versus corporate agriculture and the relative "American-ness" of each.
every star-spangled banner begins with a farmer: Monsanto ad
Video of billboard installation
Artist's Website: http://www.kayrosen.com

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