• Kim Beck billboard I70SignShow 02

    Kim Beck, "Next Exit," 2014 (click arrows for more images)
    On main billboard, in Hatton, Missouri, November 2014–January 2015
  • Beck Stadium Student
    Kim Beck, "The Sky is the Limit," Nov. 1, 2014 (click arrows for more images)
    View of skywriting over University of Missouri stadium during Mizzou Tigers–Kentucky Wildcats football game
  • Beck Satellite

    "Next Exit," 2014 (click arrows for more images)
    On satellite billboard near I-70 Stadium Exit, Columbia, Missouri, January–March 2015

Kim Beck’s work with the Sign Show started with a version of her Sky Is The Limit project. Flying over the city of Columbia and the University of Missouri, a skywriter spelled out generic ad phrases, selected by Beck, that appear frequently on billboards along the interstate (SPACE AVAILABLE, NEXT EXIT, and OPEN DAILY!). The Nov. 1 event was timed to coincide with an MU home football game, tapping a large captive audience in the spirit of the commercial ad culture that informs the Sign Show content.
To produce her billboard, Beck used photos of the phrase NEXT EXIT, a dual reference to the poetic implications of language out of context and the many Christian messages along I-70 that allude to or directly mention heaven. In its satellite location, NEXT EXIT was resited at the city’s Stadium exit (#124), making it likely that people who saw the skywriting will see its language restored, transformed, to its roadside source.
Video of billboard installation
Videos of skywriting
Skywriting event
Artist's website: http://idealcities.com/
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